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Arrow – Oliver’s Infinite Number Of Arrows

A short super-cut of the first four episodes of Arrow, demonstrating Oliver’s seemingly infinite number of Arrows.

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I stand to gain no profit from this video and do not hold any copyright.


A bit about myself…

Throughout my life I have always shown myself to be both creative and computer savvy, and although one would assume that I would take an interest in computing, it wasn’t until halfway through college that I finally made this decision.

In college, I studied Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Media, after my first year it was very evident that I was going to do much better in my Media Studies than that of my other subjects, purely because of my interest and understanding. When I was forced to finally choose a subject at University, I took both my personal and academic interests into account and selected to study Multimedia and Internet Technology.

I decided to take a year out however. During this year, I studied a variety of computing courses at the Pearson In Practice (formerly Zenos) Academy. I did this as I had virtually no certifications to prove my competence with computers, and by the end of the course, I became a Microsoft Certified IT Professional.

At University, the course I am currently studying is very varied in the types of modules that are selected for us, from various different programming languages and building websites, to filming and editing short films at MediaCityUK. I tend to take a much stronger interest in the practical elements of the course, and one module that I have enjoyed more than most was MIDI and Audio Technology. I enjoyed this so much so as to take composing MIDI music as a hobby.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, and I hope to hear from you in the future!